Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? Reduce Your Intake And Feel Better

We all know about the negative effects of sugar. (The list keeps growing: Weight gain, increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels — plus a higher risk for diabetes, cancer and heart disease.) So like many others, I’ve forced myself to get used to drinking my iced coffee black and watch out for added sugar in my pasta sauce and yogurt.

It’s tough to resist sugar. Sugar is in almost every packaged food we eat. Even when you think you’re eating healthy, if the product is packaged, it’s probably packed with sugar. Once you get on a sugar roll, it’s hard to break it. Your body starts to crave sweet things. You don’t feel like yourself without that sugary item.

Try these tips on how to break sugar addiction in one week!

Make this lifestyle change and see how long you can stay sober! It’s time to admit to the world that you have a sugar addiction!

1. Get Sleep


Get Sleep


Why Should I Do This?

  • Whole foods are earth foods.
  • Stay away from all processed foods.
  • Eat meats, vegetables, and fruits instead.
  • When you want something sweet, pop a few grapes.
  • They’re healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth.


4. Start Exercising

Start Exercising

Why Should I Do This?

  • How many of you stress eat? Don’t be ashamed, we’re all guilty of it.
  • When we’re stressed, we’re more likely to eat foods with a lot of sugar.
  • To keep your stress at bay, exercise daily.
  • You’ll start craving healthy foods that fuel your body.


5. Eat protein

Eat protein

Why Should I Do This?

  • Make sure you have enough protein in your diet.
  • Sugar gives our bodies a very quick pick-me-up, but it sends us crashing just as fast.
  • Protein does the same thing – minus the crash.
  • It also helps your body stay full for longer periods of time, hence no sugar craving.


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